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Wulfbertie's adventures are told in six books. Contact Wulfbertie for copies or purchase them here. There are also some rather nice Wulfbertie products you can look at.


1 - Turbulent Times

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2 - Murky Waters

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3 - Relics and Romans

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Vikings are threatening the Severn-side people and bandits terrorise the Mercian hinterland.

In such Turbulent Times all brave men must fight for their king. Wulfbert of Dene is brave. And he is almost a man. Soon King Baldrat will summon Wulfbertie to be his chief catapult-officer.

Unfortunately, while he is practising his fighting skills his parents decide to pack him off to Glewcaster monastery to live with the monks. This is clearly a 'Tapestry of Fate'. Wulfbertie must escape to fulfil his destiny in accordance with the Wulf-Man Mantra.

But the success of an escape plan depends upon choosing an opportune opportunity. While he waits for the right moment, Wulfbertie discovers hidden tunnels, invents new sports and rescues the king from a sticky situation at the crown-wearing cerem-p-ony.

Despite his proven usefulness, the army moves on, leaving Wulfbertie behind. How will he overcome the forces which still bind him to the abbey?

The countryside outside the city's crumbling Roman walls, is still under threat from prowling strangers and outlaws. Abba, the wise Abbot, is in the thick of the intrigues and Wulfbertie is on hand, and underfoot, to help him.

The king's warrior daughter is carrying messages of the great stratefic importantude and a spy has arrived in the Abbey recognised only by Wulfbertie.

Bertie intervenes to save the princess, and when a ravenous rabid beast preys on young children he is there to place himself in mortal danger.

Nature also has a cruel hand to play. The Wulf family's ancient enemy, Lord Bandy, has not maintained the waterways and water levels are rising through Glewcaster and into the monastery grounds.

Can Wulfbertie save the town from destruction? And what will happen when the flood waters finally reach the crypt and undercrofts of the Abbey buildings? Will Wulfbertie endanger his own life to save the Abbey and its treasure?

As Glewcaster reels from the destruction of the floods a pesky pestilence creeps in. The Bloody Flux stalks the weak and vulnerable. Is it the work of a witch?

At the same time the proud and cruel Lord Bandy threatens the Wulf family and has to be bought off.

To make matters worse Wulfbertie narrowly escapes an encounter with Vikings at his uncle's manor.

Inside the monastery Bertie foresakes his lessons to uncover a long hidden secret and makes a bone chilling discovery.

With the return of spring the town goes into Roman Celebration mode. Bertie adopts a crafty disguise and triumphs at last.


4 - The Viking Menace

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5 - Too Many Traitors

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6 - The Wulf-Man Secret

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Re-building work at the Abbey has come to a halt for lack of funds. Wulfbertie does his best to welcome the Bishop who comes to consecrate the new Great Bell, and to convince him to leave some money for the construction.

But conflict is gathering pace beyond the monastery walls. A Viking boy is captured and the Viking Band attacks the Abbey in revenge. Bertie has to stop the slaughter so a treaty can be arranged. But the king has a traitor in his inner circle. He is ambushed and Wulfbertie has to save him again.

Meanwhile, stolen gold is pouring into the kingdom and Wulfbertie, surrounded by traitors, Viking rebels, and spies from the civil war in Wales, gets his hands on a stash of cash.

Lord Bandy's black symbol is appearing too often. Is he the traitor to his cousin the King? All Bertie needs is the proof!

A great storm rages and the earth responds by shaking and tearing down ancient stones. The omens are bad but Wulfbertie risks his life as a matter of family honour.

Plans must be made to meet the growing threat from the Welsh usurper king, the Viking raids and a new force of lawless bandits who are terrorising the land.

King Alfred summons his underlings to witness the wedding of his daughter to the prince of Mercia. Wulfbertie joins the Progress as a member of King Baldrat's court.

And what is Lord Bandy plotting? Wulfbertie overhears assassination plans. Unfortunately he is struck down by disease and is unable to deliver his warning.

As Wulfbertie recovers in Wincaster, the wedding goes ahead and the assassination attempt draws closer. Will Bertie be able to judge the true traitor? Where, oh where, is the evidence?

Times have become even more Turbulent. The evil Welsh king encroaches on the border and bandits and mercenaries are lurking in the hills. The King and Queen of Mercia begin to assemble their own army.

And at the gates of Glewcaster there are Leopards!

Wulfbertie needs to know whether his destiny really involves armies, soldiers and catapults. To help him decide, Wulfbertie joins a pilgrimage. Soon he finds himself confronting old enemies and old fears and resolving the secret of the Wulf-Man Mantra.

As the pilgrims seek their answers at the shrine of St Arilda, a final battle looms. Tribes and nations struggle and one particular target emerges.

Wulfbertie must make his stand for better or for worse.

Many of the things Wulfbertie saw in the dark ages are now in the Museum of Gloucester.   Wulfbertie supports Gloucester (Glewcaster) Cathedral Picture of Gloucester Cathedral

All drawings by Paul Evans.  
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