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The Wulf Family

Wulfbertie The Wulf Family

Wulfbert of Dene (Wulfbertie) is the youngest member of the Wulf Family.

The oldest is grandfather Werwulf.  He looks after the chicken and hangs upside down from trees.   Sometimes he talks to statues. When he was younger Werwulf was known for his practical jokes which were the best in the kingdom.   He still is, but they aren't quite so good any more.

Werwulf is Wulfbeard's father.   Wulfbeard is Wulfbertie's father. Wulfbeard runs the farm on Dene-side where the Wulf family lives. As a boy Wulfbeard learnt the Wulf Man Mantra from Werwulf as all Wulf sons learn it from their fathers.  Wulfbertie learnt it from Wulfbeard.

Wulfbertie's mother is Aegglingoof..., Egg-in-food..., Alegrolinfroo...  

Wulfbertie's mother is 'Froody.  She is related to king Baldrat as the Family Tree shows.  Her sister, Egglinbig works as lady in waiting to Princess Debrat, daughter of the king.  Her uncle Eddlinbert owns an estate at May's Moor but lives at the Abbey.  Wulfbertie was named after great-uncle Eddlinbert. 

Wulfbertie's brothers are Eddlinwulf and Wulfbat. They are annoying and kick Wulfbertie out of bed in the morning to go get them drinks of water from the pond.

The family has a chicken (Bluebell), a pig (Marigold) and a cow (Buttercup).   They also have an ancient claim to the land on Dene-side where Lord Bandy's sawmill is built.

They live in a new house which was built by Wulfbeard when the ancient Wulf-man homestead fell into ruin.

Wulfbertie's Friends and the Inhabitants of Glewcaster.

Some Brothers

Wulfbertie The Brothers

The Monks of Glewcaster Abbey are led by Abbot Pacific who is known as 'Abba'.  Abba wears a whip instead of a belt to remind himself of an ancient wrong.  He is wise and kind and an old friend of the King (Baldrat).

Second in command is subPrior Riggor who is very strict.  Riggor is often criticised by Brother Fretful who has 'Spectorations' and bought some Relics of St Petronella for the Abbey.

The rest of the Monks are Brothers who follow the Rule of St Benedict. Among them are Brother Physik who is a Medicus, Yestyn the Chamberlain from Wales and blind Brother Porter who minds the Abbey Gate. Brother Xerxes is the Magister who teaches Wulfbertie and some of the boys in the town.

A few of the older Monks and Wulfbertie's great Uncle Eddlinbert live together in a house by the Infirmary. Wulfbertie calls them the Uncles.

In addition to the Brothers, there is a Novice called Lavio. He has speckled green eyes and cannot remember anything about his childhood. He is working on controlling his pride.

Abba employs a great architect and builder called Franc from Normanland to undertake the repairs and building needed for the  Monastery

Shergar and Brutus are the Abbey horses. They live in the stables.

Royal Coat of Arms

WulfbertieThe Royal Family

King Baldrat is king of Mercia.  In fact he is not really a king.  He is a SubRegulus which means he is a junior king to King Alfred of Wessex.

His daughter is called Debrat. She is the Mistress of Mercia and a warrior princess who commands her father's army. But she is a bit moody.

Debrat will not inherit the throne because she has a brother called Anthrat. Anthrat is a bit of a wimp. He has been sent to live with King Alfred as a hostage to make sure his father behaves. 

Some people think that the kingdom would be better off being ruled by Debrat when Baldrat dies.

The king's chief bodyguard is called Kentig and is always available to protect the king.  Kentig is a Lord and distant relative of the King.

Lady Eddlinbig is Debrat's lady in waiting.  She is also Wulfbertie's Aunt. 

Lord Bandy is the King's cousin.

The Royal family tree and coats of arms are in the family tree.

WulfbertieRalf, Trug, Gwynef and Gleva

Ralf is a few years younger than Wulfbertie. No-one knows how many years because no-one remembers when Ralf was born.  After his parents died he was left on his own. He survived by stealing scraps to eat from the market or being 'sourceful to come up with ways to earn a Thrymsa.

Ralf has a dog called Gleva.  Gleva is very energetic and often gets into jams. When she gets excited she can cause a lot of mess.

 After the floods Ralf went to live with the Widow Trug. Trug is frightening looking with a hooked nose and straggly hair which hides her remarkable speckled eyes. She only speaks in the olden tymes Welsh language and sometimes Ralf has to explain what she wants. Trug knows lots about herbs and potions and curing people who are ill or injured.

Gwynef is the youngetht member of Fllewellyn's family. Fllewellyn is a Welsh farmer whoth farm is near Glewcaster. Athter her mother died Gwynef livth with her father and sisthter, Luthy-Ellen, the Floozy. They thell Parsnips, turnips, cabbages and eggth in the market. Gwynef hath a lithp.


WulfbertieThe Citizens of Glewcaster

Lots of people live in Glewcaster because the town guard - including its legendary hero, Strong Arms - (normally) keep it safe from the attacks of the Vikings and raiders.  Penwahl is the Sheriff. He is in charge of the town guard.  His son is called Penryn and is slightly older than Wulfbertie.

The town is run by the Alderman, Cornelius and the town clerk, Grendal. Cornelius's son Marcus and Grendal's son Beogren are also slightly older than Wulfbertie.  Marcus is very proud of his Roman four fathers.  Beogren is very talented at writing stories and drawing family trees.

 The town has its own monk, Villum, who lives amongst the people and ministers to their relgious needs. There are also tradesmen including Master Taylor, Lucas the Woodturner and his wife Alice the Clogmaker. Mistress Liefa is a washerwoman working near the South Gate. 

In the stables there is an Ostler called Tom , who is a suspicious character.


WulfbertieLord Bandy and his Associates

Lord Torlo Bandy is a cousin of the king.  He is exceedingly rich and powerful and owns one of the finest estates in Mercia at Cranham.

He rides an immense black stallion called Black Bee and wears a coat of black velvet and breeches of fine doe skin. His boots come up to his thigh and he rides with a jewelled twinkle, his sword hilt a-twinkle under the jewelled sky.

After his wife Siegal died, Lord Bandy was left with no family other than her brother Siegur. Siegur is from North Umbria, is Bandy's lieutenant and leader of his private band of soldiers.

Torlo Bandy owns the sawmill on Dene-side (amongst other things) and controls the land which the Wulf family claim as their birth-right. 

The king trusts Lord Bandy to keep the country side safe and some say that he is responsible for reparing the dykes and keeping the town waterways clear.

Torlo Bandy is the Wulf family's ancient enemy.

Many of the things Wulfbertie saw in the dark ages are now in the Gloucester museum.   Wulfbertie supports Gloucester (Glewcaster) Cathedral  Picture of Gloucester Cathedral

All drawings by Paul Evans.  
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