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Wulfbertie products are available by contacting Wulfbertie direct (who will send them to you, once he works out how to use stamps). The books are also available online here.

Wulfbertie Books in hand

Wulfbertie Books

There are six exciting Wulfbertie books - each tells its own tales, however, together they complete Wulfbertie's early story. Read them independently, in any order, or in full in the series. They are cheaper if you buy the series and you might even get a free gift.

Order from Wulfbertie.

£5.99 per book. Get the set of six from Wulfbertie direct for £35 plus a free gift.
Wulfbertie Mug

Wulfbertie Mugs

Wraparound mugs featuring two cool Wulfbertie pictures from Paul Evans. Avialable in Cyan, Blue or Red interiors - Please specify in request.

Order from Wulfbertie.

£5 per mug.
Wulfbertie Puzzle

Wulfbertie Puzzle

A puzzle in red. Puzzle yourself putting Wulfbertie back together again.

Order from Wulfbertie.

£1.49 per puzzle.
Wulfbertie Design Game

Kingsholm Game

A print and play game - help Wulfbertie build a new home for the King at King's Holm.

See the Kingsholm game page.

£Free to print.

All prices plus P&P. You must specify your country of origin for tax reasons, a contact email so we can verify your order and provide a mailing address.

Many of the things Wulfbertie saw in the dark ages are now in the Museum of Gloucester.   Wulfbertie supports Gloucester (Glewcaster) Cathedral Picture of Gloucester Cathedral

All drawings by Paul Evans.  
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