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WulfbertieThe Wulf-Man Mantra

The Wulf Family's ancient Mantra is passed down from each generation to the next.  Every new child is taught it with great care, because not only the family pride but also the family's safety depends upon it.

Wulfbertie recites it in times of trouble to give him strength.  Then he screams his blood-curdling war cry "Yearch!" which is almost as good and far more frightening.

the Wulf-Man Mantra:

The Wulf-Man's foot is deep - rooted in soil

Ancient his hearthstone - bold deeds to inspire

Twixt Fforest and Sseverne

His Virtues rise to Heaven

Head strong, hand fast, heart pure and house loyal

His birthright forever safe - guarded by fire.

Every family should have a Mantra.

Many of the things Wulfbertie saw in the dark ages are now in the Gloucester museum.   Wulfbertie supports Gloucester (Glewcaster) Cathedral  Gloucester Cathedral

All drawings by Paul Evans.  
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