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WulfbertieThe King's Holm Game

Wulfbertie has been asked by Queen Alfleda to help her design a new palace at the old Roman Ruins at King's Holm.

The Citizens of Glewcaster have built a well on the site of the spring which Wulfbertie found at King's Holm.  Alfleda thinks this will mean that the Palace will have a reliable water supply.

Can you help Wulfbertie to design the new palace and to build roads to connect it to the River and the City?

The image below is a link which will open a map of the site.

WulfbertieThe King's Holm Site Map

King's Holm Palace Site Map

WulfbertieThe Rules

Build a palace, defensive walls, paths and roads by drawing on a copy of the site map.  

There are some existing Roman walls which you can use either as defensive walls or Palace walls.  The final palace will need at least two gates in the walls, roads or paths connecting it to the road and the River Station.  You may need to negotiate with the local farmers Leogar and Balgruff.

But you must keep within the budget.  The Queen only has 300 Marks to build the Palace.  You must not exceed this cost.

WulfbertieWulfbertie's instructions

In preparing the design, Wulfbertie spoke to some people about what the Palace would need.  This is what he was told:

Queen Alfleda
I want my palace to be impressive. The main building must cover at least 30 spaces with at least 100 spaces inside the outer walls. Build it as big as you can.
Uncle Eddlinbert
We must respect our history. The Roman Arch must form part of the Final Palace.
Sheriff Penwahl
We must be able to defend the Palace. It must have a wall completely surrounding it, a proper road to get reinforcements from the City and the Well must be inside the Palace Walls.
Aunt Eddlinbig - Lady in Waiting
We must be able to get supplies to the Palace. We need a path or a Road from the River Station.

Wullfbertie should also respect the Citizens' hope that he will build as many good new roads as possible.

WulfbertieThe Costs

Franc has helped by dividing the site map up into hexagonal spaces.

He has also told Wulfbertie that building work and materials will cost the following amounts:

A Path

1 Mark per space

A Road (converting a Path)

1 Mark per space to convert a path into a road.  (building a road on level ground is therefore 2 Marks)

A Defensive Wall

1 Mark per space

A Palace Wall

2 Marks per space

Felling Trees

1 Mark per space

Levelling Scrub or Slopes

2 Marks per space

If you want to build over one of the farms you will have to reach an agreement with the Farmer:

Good Luck

Many of the things Wulfbertie saw in the dark ages are now in the Gloucester museum.   Wulfbertie supports Gloucester (Glewcaster) Cathedral Gloucester Cathedral

All drawings by Paul Evans.  
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